Bring Andrew Home


Mariana and I decided to divorce towards the end of 2006. We had a temporary custody agreement arranged by the Wisconsin courts that entitled me to visitation. On August 9th, 2007, I went to pick up Andrew from daycare only to be told that not only was he not there that day, but that he hadn't been there all week. As events unfolded, we discovered that Mariana, with the help of her mother who flew up from Mexico for the occasion, had abducted and taken Andrew to Queretaro, Mariana's home town.

Even though she violated the custody order allowing me visitation, it was up to me to enforce this order. I did this by filing an application with the US State Department using the Hague Convention on International Child Abductions as the legal remedy to enforce the Wisconsin court order in Mexico. Unfortunately, even though Mexico signed this treaty, their courts do not enforce this international treaty or respect the custody orders from other countries, a strict violation of international law. I have spent the last four years independently crusading against the Mexican courts to follow the treaty and return Andrew back home. Tragically my efforts have so far been in vain.
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