Bring Andrew Home
Words cannot express the specific gratitude I and my family feel for the following people who have contributed to bringing Andrew home:

-Terry Leahy: For your unsolicited generosity and inspirational support.

-Lauren Reynolds: For taking an interest in my story and giving me a voice.

-Celeste Buriel: From NCMEC who weathered my rants but still kept offering her help.

-David Thelen at For always being an "ear and a tongue" for left behind parents as well as helping fund the travel to see Andrew.

-Bishop Richard Sklba: For your prayers and support.

-Keith Wessel: For invaluable legal advice and service for fathers.

-Jorge Cruz Cordero: For helping left behind parents in Mexico legally fight for their children.

-Ruxandra Guidi: For interviewing me and sharing part of our story on KPBS.

-You: For taking the time to visit my website and help spread the word about parental child abduction
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