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January 27, 2013-The 4th Familial court has granted me a two-day visitation with Andrew. I look forward to playing with Andrew and sharing some gifts my family and I bought for him for Christmas.
January 2, 2013-HR1940, which was introduced in the 112th session of congress had 24 co-sponsors, but it wasn't enough to get it to move forward to votes in Congress and the Senate. Unfortunately, with the swearing in of the 113th congress this January, the bill is considered 'dead' and must be reintroduced in order to be considered for a vote. Although we hope that it will be introduced again in this session of congress, it's clear that bills regarding the Hague Convention require support from people like you! We will keep you updated on the introduction of similar bills in the future and hope you will contact your representative and demand their support. Thanks for all your efforts with HR1940!
12-16-12-We contacted Senator Boxer (D-CA) via e-mail on 9-21-12 to request a meeting with her in-person, to discuss the importance of the Hague Treaty, the increasing problems with Mexico in terms of compliance, and my case in particular. I received no response. I e-mailed Senator Boxer again on 12-16-12 and also contacted Senator Feinstein (D-CA) via her website to request a personal meeting. As of 1-3-13, I have had no response from either Senator or their staff.
Although we have not been able to meet directly with our senators, Senator Feinstein has been helpful by requesting an update about my case from the Mexican Ambassador, which is a considerable diplomatic step. We recently received a reply to their latest inquiry. As usual, it appears to be lip service and he is operating under the belief that his country is following the Hague Convention. You can read the letter by clicking the link below.
Click here to read the Ambassador's letter
Grandma and Grandpa Richardson wrote to Andrew in honor of his Name Day on November 30th, 2012.
Also, Cousins Frank and Sweetheart sent Andrew a Christmas card to his grandparents address complete with stickers and smiley faces! I will bring the card to the visitation later this month to show him!
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11-20-12-I requested a welfare and whereabouts report from the State Department to make sure that Andrew has what he needs and is being cared for properly. Unfortunately, this time Mariana did not give permission for the Mexican Central Authority to conduct this routine visitation. It is a shame that she has the right to do this and it should not be tolerated by the MCA or the State Department as any US citizen should have the right to verify the safety of their loved ones who are held in foreign countries. I hope the 4th Familial Court system will recognize it for what it is: Mariana denying me any accessibility to my son and his welfare.
9-12-12-Today I received some difficult news. After being optimisitc about the positive psychologist reports that said I was fit and ready to provide for my son, it was hard to hear that the 4th Familial Court, again, denied my request to return Andrew to the US. Although it is difficult to translate the court documents, it appears that the judge feels that Andrew is too well-established with his mother in Mexico and thus should not be returned to the US. This is the same ruling that was overturned by an appeal several years ago. I will, again, appeal this ruling and will never stop fighting to be reunited with my son. We expect a ruling on the appeal in the beginning of January, 2013. Stay tuned for updates.
HR1940 is dead